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Hosting Services

Hosting Services

We provide domain name registration and managed hosting services to our partners and clients, so that you don't have to worry about renewals or server configurations.

Our hosting plans all include POP email with web access so you can check your e-mail from anywhere with an internet connection.

Website & Email Hosting

Getting your website up and running can be a complicated business.

You need to get a site designed, and then built. Maybe you'll need marketing professionals to help you produce content, or maybe you'll write your own. Either way, once your website is ready, how do you get it online?

A domain name gives people a way to access your website without having to know or remember your IP address - do you visit or We can help you find a suitable domain name, and then we can register it for you.

The host is the computer (referred to as a server) on which your website files are located, when people type in your domain name or find it in search, the files from the server are downloaded to the users computer and displayed to the visitor as your website. For simple, static websites with few visitors - almost any host will do, but more complicated or popular sites may need higher capactity servers or ones with special software available.

Of course, you're free to manage your own domain name and find and configure your own host, should you wish. To make things simpler for you (and sometimes for us, too!), we offer our own domain registration, renewal and hosting services at competetive prices. You can rest assured that there'll be no compatibility problems with any websites we've built on our own servers, and we provide email services too.

We can:

  • Help you find suitable domain name(s),, .com, or whatever you need.
  • Provide web hosting with plenty of capacity, with PHP 5 and MySQL 5
  • Set up email addresses @yourdomain which can be accessed using email software on your PC, your phone, or via the web
  • Help you keep control of email spam - we use SpamAssassin, DNS Blackhole lists and Domain Keys protection.
  • Renew everything for you and just send you one convenient invoice.

Although every project is different, we strongly believe in clear, up-front pricing. Here are some example prices involving this type of work, please ask us for a free, no-obligation quotation.

  • From £62.50 + VAT per year including website, database & e-mail - suitable for most websites. Higher capacity hosting on request, please ask!

If you're not convinced yet, read our case studies on how projects including WAM Europe, WAM Direct and Subterranean Landscape benefitted from our website & email hosting services.

Act now to rid yourself of your website worries, let Codecraft take care of it for you.
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