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Web Analytics

Web Analytics

If you don't have an eye on how many people are using your website then you could be missing out on vital information.

At its most simple, web analytics can help you work out which pages are the most popular, and which could benefit from some more work.

With a more advanced integration, you can track almost anything, including conversion rates if your website generates sales or leads.

Google Analytics

Web Analytics have come a very long way since everyone had a little hit counter visible to anyone who visited their site (it was probably underneath the animated "Under Construction" sign!).

If you know how many visitors you're getting to your site and where you're getting them from then you can do more of what's working, whether thats handing out flyers in the street or harassing celebrities on Twitter.

More visitors to your site means more conversions - whether thats direct sales, or enquiries about your products or services.

Thats only the beginning however; not only can you tell where people are being referred to your site from and how many people are visiting, but we can help you access and interpret a wealth of information on how long they're staying, what their favourite pages are (or the pages most likely to cause them to buy from you) and which pages they like the least or make them leave your site.

Access to superior analytics allows you to refine your website so that its working as hard as it can be to deliver what you need it to.

Although every project is different, we strongly believe in clear, up-front pricing. Here are some example prices involving this type of work, please ask us for a free, no-obligation quotation.

  • Basic Analytics integration £FREE when we build & host your site.
  • Advanced Analytics available including multi-goal tracking,advanced metrics,etc.. please call to discuss your requirements.

If you're not convinced yet, read our case studies on how projects including WAM Direct, WAM Europe, George House Trust and more benefitted from our google analytics services.

Learning more about who visits your website and how they use it can help you to increase conversion rates. Get in touch today to find out more.
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