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Not all businesses are online, if you have a shop or an office that gets visitors, then it could be helpful to include an interactive map on your website to help people find you.

With the ability to access GPS information from mobile devices, its now easier than ever to deliver content to users based on where they are when they access your website.

If location is important to your organisation, then a location-aware website is what you need.

Geolocation/GPS Components

Have you ever seen those websites with a "Find my nearest.." page and wondered what strange magic was happening?

With the rise of mobile devices and GPS information, there has never been a better time to make your website location aware so that you can make it possible for visitors to make their way to your nearest shop or any other location of interest.

Location based services on your website could range from a simple page to complex component:

  • A scrollable, scalable Google (or other) map in your page to show visitors how to find your business.
  • A 'get directions' widget in your page to help visitors find precisely how to get to your business from a postcode or GPS position.
  • A 'find my nearest..' to help visitors find the nearest location(s) to a postcode or GPS position from a pre-determined list.

Although every project is different, we strongly believe in clear, up-front pricing. Here are some example prices involving this type of work, please ask us for a free, no-obligation quotation.

  • Google Map integration from £100 + VAT
If location is important to you, and you need to help people find real-world locations, get in touch to discuss how Codecraft can help.
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